We are the Engineers

Chorus : We are, we are, we are, we are the engineers
We can, we can, we can demolish forty beers.
The medical men of R.S.M. they can not drink with us
Because we don’t give a fuck
For anyone else
Who don’t give a fuck for us.

Sir Francis Drake and all his crew
Set sail for Galway Bay.
To meet the Spanish Rum fleet
That was heading by the way.
The engineers gave cut them short
By night and half a day.
Although they’re drunk like hooligans
You still can hear them say

Godiva was a lady
Who through Coventry did ride.
To show to all the villagers
Her skin so pure and white.
The most observant man in town
An engineer of course
Was the only one to notice that
Godiva road a horse.

I’ve come a long way she said
A man may go as far
So get me off this bloody horse
And lead me to the bar
The man that get her off her horse
And stood with her two beers
Was a blood-shot-eyed surveyor
And a drunken engineer

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